more Melb Zoo pics…..

Thank you to all our wonderful parent helpers who assisted us on our big day out yesterday. Without these volunteers, excursions are not possible.

more Melbourne Zoo pics

Melbourne Zoo excursion

Today we had an exciting day at the Melbourne Zoo, as part of our Science unit ‘Staying Alive’. We learnt about the needs of animals in the Discovery Centre Zoo classroom program called ‘Healthy Habitats’.

Foundation T were introduced to ‘Happy’ the tree frog and ‘Jake’ the corn snake.

More photos to come!

Foundation dance lessons

This week, all Foundation classes started dance lessons. The students had a great time with Georgina learning the routine for a new song and dancing around in the Hall. Here are some reflections from the dancers:

“Dancing was lots of fun!” Austin

“We did some warm-up  dancing and I was tired after.” Noah

“We did exercises and learnt a new dance.” Romany

“It was fun doing Funky Town because we got to learn new dance moves.” Thomas

“I loved doing the clapping and singing warm ups.” Zoe

We look forward to showing you our dance moves in the coming weeks.

Buddy activities

Yesterday the Foundation students worked alongside their Grade 5 buddies to complete some fun and physical games/activities. This is part of our fantastic “Buddy Program” at HWPS!

* skipping ropes

*sly fox (bean bag steal)

*re bound nets & balls

*obstacle -ropes/ladder



Intra-School Transition Program

Today all students participated in the first of three intra-school transition sessions. The aim of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for students to experience learning at the next level and to make the transition much smoother at the start of 2014. It is a nice chance for our students to meet peers from other levels and other teachers in the school. When discussing this topic make it a positive conversation as it may be a daunting thought, as well as exciting.

Hello Air Conditioning! Goodbye heat!

What a relief to start the term with our newly installed air conditioners! Thanks to parent donations, all four upstairs classrooms now have air conditioning. We turned them on today for the first time and it has already made a huge difference to our comfort levels and we now look forward to spending time in our classrooms this summer.

Air conditioning!!

Term 4!!! Let’s Get Excited!!!

Hello Families!!!

We have had a very productive planning day and would like to share our science topics for next term, so that you may get a chance to discuss and explore together over the holidays.

Our two Science themes are:

* What is it made of?

The students will be exploring materials in our environment and testing their properties.

*Staying Alive

We will be investigating the basic needs of animals, including humans and how their senses help them stay alive.

In Literacy next term there will be a writing focus on Narratives. We will work to create pieces of literature that are imaginative, well sequenced and provide a problem and solution.

In Numeracy next term we will be developing our abilty to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks. We will begin to learn about division by sharing and grouping objects and numbers.